7. Yellow Tour - Band Instrument Industrial

Welcome to the iSpy Elkhart Band Instrument Industrial Tour, featuring factories or previous locations that began Elkhart’s long tradition of instrument companies. The tour will begin at Ruthmere Museum, located at 302 East Beardsley Avenue. Your first stop on the tour is number 700, Conn Company, located at 1101 East Beardsley Avenue. From Ruthmere Museum, travel east on Beardsley, crossing the Johnson Street Intersection and continue to 1101 East Beardsley. Here, at the intersection of Conn and Beardsley, the company is located on the south side of Beardsley. The iSpy Band Instrument Tour is sponsored by the Elkhart Jazz Festival, which takes place June 24, 25, and 26, 2011. For more information on the Jazz Festival and the events, visit downtownelkhart.org/Elkhart-jazz-festival.

While you are listening to a tour stop message, you can further control a tour stop message by using the following keys: Dial 1 to rewind the message, dial 2 to pause the message and 2 again to resume the message. Dial 3 to fast forward and dial the pound key to skip the message to the end.