811. Kuespert House

Tour stop number 811 is the Kuespert House, located at 149 Division Street. The Kuespert House is considered the most fully recognized design by Turnock. The one and a half story linear design features a red tile roof, arched windows, dark masonry brick, decorative urns, and exterior planters. In addition, the extended overhangs create the illusion of a longer house. This residence concludes the E. Hill Turnock Architectural Tour. Continue west on Division Street, where you have another view of the Winchester Mansion. Turn right on Main Street, driving through downtown Elkhart all the way to the Main Street Bridge and Beardsley Avenue, near where the tour began. The E. Hill Turnock Architectural tour is sponsored by St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. For more information on the history of the church, visit stpauls-web.org.